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11 November 2025 @ 02:07 am
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14 June 2015 @ 04:14 am
Tinatamad ako magsulat. Photoblog ulit.

3 year anniv at TV5. Onti na lang talaga, pramis. Hahaha. :D

idol search
Idol search? Chos.

Friday. Invaded my friends at their workplace. Had to go home early because they had no time for me lol

So I visited my friend's restaurant right after. Dinner and josei time! <3

A week after is Tricot's concert tour! <3 With Udd!

Watched my friend's rock and roll band! \m/ Magaling sila, guys.

From South to North, I'll always be there for my friends. Watched awesome bands with spoken word poetry perfs in between!

Lastly, itsura ko habang pinapakinggan UDD. <3

Ciao. :">
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11 May 2015 @ 04:47 am
Before all my lingering thoughts disappear, I'll tell you how much I have changed over the past months. Physically, I'm still petite and even if I try to look mature, I don't. Apparently, my ancestors were lucky to have taken a sip from the fountain of youth hence my preteen look. Ugh. Back to the topic! How I look doesn't matter. But I like discovering these few changes in my life. I love music but I have never loved it like I do now. Sure, I play the piano but I'm not as good. Playing the keys frustrates me! I wonder what pushed me to suddenly learn to play a new instrument... I know, I'm sooo lost in life. I'm running in zigzags!

I remember now. Gesu no Kiwami no Otome's music pursuaded me to make music. Listening to local indie bands and meeting musicans inspired me to learn (patiently). Who else practices an instrument for 4 hours before going to sleep? Me! Don't care if I have work. Duh, priorities. I decided to learn because I wanted to jam and dance to songs with people who love music the same way I do! Who would have thought, right? Who would have thought music is taking more of my time than shoujo manga? Thank you, music.

Ang sakit sakit na ng daliri ko at braso ko pero gusto ko pa din mag-ensayo. #pushnangpush

Ciao! :)